Yoga is not only the asanas or poses, but is a practiced lifestyle of mindfully thinking, feeling, and moving towards your best self.  This is the approach I use with my students to help them find their most fulfilling practice.  As a guide, the goal is to teach students to find the benefits of true alignment in each pose and getting to know the language their own body speaks to them through aches and pains supporting them as they gain freedom from these barriers.   By using awareness of the breath and it’s connection to healing, this practice provides balance of mind and body together.


 Drop-In Classes

 Eaton Hall in Brownsburg

61 N. Green St.  Brownsburg, IN 46112

 Thursdays 9:30-10:45am

Both are Slow Flow with Restorative Yoga towards the end. In my humble opinion it is the best of both worlds in yoga.  We gently transition an active practice towards postures supported by pillows, blankets, blocks, to encourage healing and improved energy flow in the body.

First Class is Free!

Register on-line at

Click on memberships, then scroll to find Evening Yoga


Blooming Life Yoga

30 S. Elm St.  Zionsville, IN 46077

Wednesday 11-12pm 

Wednesdays class is Very Slow Flow with a restorative focus while the Sunday class is an active flow to balance the whole body before the week begins!

Register through Mind/Body or on the website at


Restorative Yoga with Energy Balancing

Take your restorative practice to a deeper level with energy balancing and aligning the body using energy pressure points in acupressure. Rooted in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, the body is made up of lines and centers of energy that have tremendous healing power within the body. In this class, we utilize the relaxation response with easy supported postures and stimulate energy points on the head, hands, feet and back to create a steady flow of energy to all the muscles, organs and the brain. This, combined with control of the breath, creates powerful change in the function and alignment of the mind and body together.

Currently Registering at Brownsburg Parks for September 9th and October 4th.  Register at: