Yoga is not only the asanas or poses, but is a practiced lifestyle of mindfully thinking, feeling, and moving towards your best self.  This is the approach I use with my students to help them find their most fulfilling practice.  As a guide, the goal is to teach students to find the benefits of true alignment in each pose and getting to know the language their own body speaks to them through aches and pains supporting them as they gain freedom from these barriers.   By using awareness of the breath and it’s connection to healing, this practice provides balance of mind and body together.


 Drop-In Class

Tuesdays @ Eaton Hall in Brownsburg

6:00pm, 6 Classes for $30

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Yoga Classes at RLW

Welcome to RLW Yoga!  The list of classes below the types of classes regularly offered at RLW.   Class sizes are limited based on the space.  All classes are on a session basis and require pre-registration to reserve your spot.  Visit the link below to see what classes are currently registering.

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 contact me at 317-941-6745 or for questions or to make your reservation.   

Restorative Yoga

This is the ultimate approach to full relaxation in the form of yoga. After a gentle warm up, students are placed in supportive postures using pillows, blankets, and blocks, to help the body and mind release in the most gentle way possible. The body slowly and easily stretches and opens while the mind is allowed to relax and find a meditative quality. The instructor helps each student to transition between postures minimizing the impact on relaxation. Find relief from many ailments as you sink into a minimal movement class and learn how to just be.

Yoga for Beginners

Set yourself up with the knowledge you need to feel comfortable in any yoga class! Here we start with the basics of postures, breath, philosophy, and alignment to get you started on your yoga journey that will make you feel confident and prepared to go to any class and even begin to develop your own yoga practice at home or when you travel.

Yoga for Emotional Wellbeing

This class will teach specifics on how to utilize yoga as a tool for balancing emotions and mood as we deal with an ever changing, chaotic world.  Yoga has been used as a tool for healing the body physically, emotionally, and spiritually for centuries.  In this class, I will combine use of yoga, breath work, essential oils, acupressure, and nutrition to help clients add tools to their tool box in managing anxiety, depression, mood swings, anger, and improve our overall view of our emotional selves


Beyond the Postures Series

This class is for those that are interested in deepening their overall yoga practice. In this series, we will introduce postures, break down details of alignment and learn the benefits of each posture to enhance any level of practice. This class will explore the philosophy of yoga, the health and wellness benefits and detailed breathing practices to help all yogis that want to know how to get the most out of their practice. If you have considered what yoga teacher training would add to your practice this is a dip into the depth of information focusing on the most practical applications.