Mind/Body Balancing

Do you set goals with gusto and easily find yourself ignoring or forgetting the plan you put in place?
Are you able to see the changes you want to make, but don’t know how to get there?
Do you have nagging physical ailments that hold you back from being active and engaged in your life?

Using techniques of Kinesiology, Movement Therapy, Energy Meridian Work, and Acupressure I can help you to approach challenges in your life working directly with the mind/body connection.  Muscle and emotional balancing uses the connection between the brain and the body, the energy in the meridians and acupressure healing points to release held pain, emotions, negative thinking patterns, and even when the body is stuck in fight or flight from stress or trauma.

 As Professional Kinesiology Practitioners we do not “diagnose”. We simply balance the body through the use of the bodies’ electrical system. We access the electrical system through the muscles that are powered by that system. Once balanced, the muscles work in balance, the organs work in better balance and the emotions are actually more balanced.  This allows the symptoms to decrease (usually dramatically), or completely fall by the wayside. Basically, we balance the body and let the natural healing abilities of the body function as they were designed to. —Steve Woodward, Professional Kinesiology Practicioner

For more information on Kinesiology please visit: https://www.pkssite.com/ or http://www.icpkp.com/.