Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is the practice of using the bodies electrical system, through muscle testing, to find blocks in the energy body that create dis-ease.  The signs our bodies can give us that we are out of balance can be emotional, through mood disturbances, or physically through aches and pains.  Most people can experience a combination of both and the work of muscle balancing is a natural way of working with the body to heal itself.  In a session, we work together to understand the direct needs of the body physically, emotionally, and nutritionally and create a plan for better balance.  This usually includes, acupressure points, addressing possible nutritional needs, emotional release related to the disturbance, and a plan for lifestyle changes to help to keep the body in balance.  Depending on the issue at hand, one session may be enough or there may be a need for several sessions that we can set at the pace of the bodies needs.  Sessions are 1 hour for $60 or 1 1/2 hours for $80.. referral discount available.

 As Professional Kinesiology Practitioners we do not “diagnose”. We simply balance the body through the use of the bodies’ electrical system. We access the electrical system through the muscles that are powered by that system. Once balanced, the muscles work in balance, the organs work in better balance and the emotions are actually more balanced.  This allows the symptoms to decrease (usually dramatically), or completely fall by the wayside. Basically, we balance the body and let the natural healing abilities of the body function as they were designed to.Steve Woodward, Professional Kinesiology Practitioner

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