Working with people of all ages and with many different challenges, I have experienced the power we have to heal ourselves many times over.   For 12 years I have supported, guided and empowered men and women to sift through what is holding them back to move forward into the potential of who they are.

I specialize in counseling and coaching from a mind/body perspective.  I combine traditional styles of therapy with breath and body awareness, acupressure, and Applied Kinesiology, bringing a new level of experience and knowledge to the process of change.    Tools of mindfulness, yoga, breath control and helping you learn to balance your whole system through acupressure points will assist you in bringing more awareness to yourself and establish life-long practices of self-care.

Many client’s come into wellness services just feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, and disengaged from their life due to the stressors and negative relationships they encounter day-to day.  Some are finding that the chaos of expectations, being overstretched with responsibility,  and constant demands are leaving them with swinging moods and a perception of life that is not what they expected.   Do you feel that you just don’t know where to start in making positive change?  I can help you get started and ultimately help you work to find your way back to yourself and discovering the you that has been there all along.

Session Cost:  1 hour $85, 1 1/2 hour $100.  Many of the services I offer are not covered by traditional insurance, therefore I am not paneled with any insurance companies.  I realize this may not fit with everyones needs.  This is not by means of exclusion, but is the avenue I find to be best served by my clients so we are not limited to the types of services I am able to offer.  I can accept Flex Spending and Health Savings Account for payment and will work on a sliding scale when needed.