Wellness Services

With my varied training in mind/body healing, I am able to address emotional, physical, and mental health through many different approaches. Services are individualized to meet your goals and can include combinations of different approaches listed below.

  • Traditional Counseling Services
    • I specialize in treating the whole person using Trauma Informed Care, Mindfulness, and Mind/Body connections including addressing lifestyle and concepts of nutrition to improve overall mental health
  • Mind/Body Balancing using Applied Kinesiology, Acupressure, and Energy Meridian Techniques
    • Can address physical pain, emotional turmoil, or mental blocks that prevent us from living a full life.
  • Breath and Mindfulness Practices to reduce stress, improve overall wellbeing, address emotional turmoil, and improve perspective of life.
  • Individualized Yoga  to address physical, emotional, or mental ailments and to improve overall wellbeing