Taming the Chaos…..

I feel it.  The spinning, out of control energy zooming around.  My breath is short, my patience is limited and I want to understand.. . How do I find peace in the chaos?  My yoga practices feel frantic as I try to squeeze them in between all the daily expectations. Even writing this blog post… I’m sitting in my car as I have 5 minutes before the next “to do”.  Breathe….   

Inhale, exhale….I want to do better.  I want to experience life more clearly, but does my life really allow this?  Sure, some of this chaos is absolutely my own doing.  I could take my kids out of activities where I run around all the time, I could not clean my house and make meals.  I would love a housekeeper and a personal chef!  But.. then I have to work more to pay for these, thus adding to the chaos.  Hmmm.  Breathe……

Inhale, exhale….I was once told by my awesome mentor (Kyrsten Barrett:) that I have plenty of time for all the things I need to do.  What I have just figured out about this is that I don’t need to do everything I think I need to when I think I need to do it. But, what if it’s not done on time? What if I am the parent that forgets or looks lazy for not doing what was asked of me? In what order do all these “to do’s” need to be prioritized?   Because it is for sure that everyone else feels that their item on my list is the most important.  And why does it feel like everyone is asking for something lately?!  Ahhhhhh!  Breathe….

Inhale, exhale……come back to yourself.  Now I am asking myself, what do I need to do for me to make things feel less taxing and overwhelming?  That’s what it really comes down to….SELF-CARE, making your own internal needs a priority.  I don’t mean buying more stuff or running away from issues, but loving more mindfully, living more purposefully, and knowing when to set boundaries for you so you can have more to give to others and learning when to say NO.  Slowing down, taking time, making space to breath in your day, and allowing yourself time to express your true gifts as often as you can.

How do you do this you say?  Well, for each of us these needs are different, but a good place to start is to really experience how much time you actually have in a moment by slowing down.  Slowing down to make more time?  I swear!  It makes sense!  Eat more slowly, taking smaller bites and chewing longer than usual. Sip your coffee or tea, taking in all the tastes and sensations rather than gulping it down.  Take anything you do normally everyday and put more focus into giving only attention to that task as you do it.  Not thinking about the next thing, but just focusing on the task at hand and breathe!  Breathe in and out, work on getting the mind to clear and zone in on what your food tastes like, smells like, looks like.  Then, see how you feel.  See if you can physically feel time slow down and your mind ease.  B r e a t h e……………….

I n h a l e, E x h a l e………Go back to the root of change.  You hold the power within to change and adjust what is not working.  If you want more time, then you choose to make more.  No external person, place or thing, will get you there.  They can suggest, support, coach, and guide you as you make change, but ultimately the process comes from within.

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